an immersive musical and theatrical journey through the cosmos

premiered on April 15 - 23, 2016 at Portland Center Stage

composed and created by Tylor Neist

additional text and directed by Roland Rusinek



Overview invites audiences to connect to something deeper.

This innovative, hour-long performance is a perfectly distilled and seamlessly interwoven capsule of art and information that inspires self-reflection. Neist’s gorgeous and mesmerizing musical score combines with breathtaking Hubble Telescope projections and historic Apollo footage to glorious affect. Further powered by live orchestra, electronic soundscapes, spoken word, and theater. Whether it is a black-box theater or large venue the stage will come alive with possibility.

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Check out the video from our TedXPortland 2016 performance. Enjoy the amazing photos of the show. Hear the sounds that guided our intrepid audience on their journey through the cosmos.


Audience Reaction

The beauty of Overview is how it resonates with such a diverse audience. We had a wide range of ages and occupations, from the science minded to the philosophical - this show strikes a chord across the perceived divide.