Overview Effect

premiered April 15, 2016 at Portland Center Stage







TedXPortland 2016

Watch this legendary performance designed and created specifically for TEDxPortland. Throughout history, humankind has looked to the night sky with wonder, and it has reflected back our unique perspective - from that point in time - about our place among the stars and the origins of our being.


8yr old patron

I'm going to have some major dreams tonight!

Ben Canales (world famous night sky photographer)

Last night I went to Bridgetown Orchestra's incredibly special performance called "Overview Effect" and it blew me away. It's an orchestral musical with giant visuals woven by a theatrical spoken-word narrative. As someone with an admitted short attention span and not a musical performance regular- I was... was... I frikkin loved it, for lack of more eloquent words! It's a roller coaster of emotion, history, and existential pondering triggered by the experience of being in orbit. On this rainy weekend, if you want something moving, thought-spurring and beautiful to enjoy- you've got two nights left to do it.
Props to Tylor Neist, the director, for digging deep in blending all these mediums and forms of expression to express the wonder of the expansive world outside the mason jar we call home. I work hard to capture that wonder with a camera; but he's gone way beyond that with visuals, words, stage performance and original live music all so carefully blended together. There's one moment in particular that blew me away, because he voices a question I've just recently felt from my 5 years of chasing starry nights- which I'll leave unspoiled for you that decide to go.


What was that? How would you describe what you just did?
Inhale. Exhale. I loved it.
I was moved to tears.
We were enthralled!
I was by no means alone in finding myself deeply moved by this magical, musical meditation on perspective and our insatiable reach for the stars.